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Based in Oswestry on the North Shropshire Wales border, we supply computer solutions to companies of all shapes and sizes, as well as home users. Computers and technology play a big part in most people’s lives these days, but not everyone uses them to their full potential. At Reliant IT we take pride in trying to find the best possible solutions to your problems whilst also trying to do it in a cost effective way. Our team have years of experience in many areas of IT, so whether it be PC or laptop repair, to a full blown website, Reliant IT covers it all. Just call us on 01691 898 007 to discuss your needs.

  • Quality services

    From PC, Laptop Repair to Networking, database management and much more. Reliant IT provides you the best service.

  • Reliable Support

    Reliant IT will answer any questions you might have and do only the best in order to help you with your business.

  • Problem Finding & Solution

    Having a problem in laptop you cannot figure out? Your PC keeps on shutting down or tired of removing viruses? You know what to do, contact Reliant.

  • “I have been very pleased with what Reliant IT has to offer. I would recommend it's IT Services template to anyone.”

    Marwin Keystone, Logic CEO

  • “Hard to believe, there are little to none professional layouts which we could use for our serious business. Reliant IT wins.”

    Jeremy Rover, Instalog Corp.

  • “I've had this my laptop slowing like a snail. Reliant IT made it a dodge viper. You rock Reliant IT"

    Eddie Mosby, Individual

So, You think we can provide you any service?  

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IT Skills

  • Laptop & PC repair (experience since 1995)
  • Network Management (experience since 2003)
  • Database Management (experience since 2003)
  • Virus Removal (experience since 1998)
  • Hosting (experience since 2008)
  • Backup Management (experience since 2001)

Web Skills

  • (x)HTML & CSS (experience since 2003)
  • JavaScript (experience since 2006)
  • Adobe Photoshop (experience since 2004)
  • Adobe Illustrator (usage since 2007, good skills)
  • PHP (experience since 2004)
  • CMS: Joomla/Wordpress/Drupal (experience since 2001)
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